Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More True Stories: The Stupid Things People Do

So, we were working on Yogg the other night, and finally seem to have phase 1 under some semblance of control, and one of our raiders, after having listened to our raid leader explain phase 1 four times in the past month, and hearing me yell "stop dps!" 30 times that night, and watching our tanks run the adds down to Sara over and over again, heard someone say something about the explosion hurting Sara. And then, they said, "Wait, aren't we trying to save her?" Keep in mind, we had made it to phase 2 before, and heard his "Hey, I'm a god of death, bow down, bitches!" speech, so it's not like the fact that Sara is Yogg's avatar was still a big secret.

On a side note, I would like to take a moment to pause here and call for the public humiliation of the overenthusiastic coincidence finders who posted on wowwiki that Sara was likely a reference to Lovecraft's mother, who was named Sarah. It's a freaking pun off Saron! Come on, people, think occam's razor, don't try to make things more complicated.

Anyways, back to the story. I'm not judging this person for missing the story elements of the fight, it's a bit crazy trying to pay attention to them all while still dodging clouds and everything, but I don't think we could have stated any more clearly: "We need to make these adds blow up next to her in order to hurt her." If they thought we were trying to save her, why did they think we kept calling for stopping DPS? This person has a reputation for being slow on the uptake sometimes, but this was missing the whole basic premise of the phase. It'd be like asking, "Why is that dragon destroying all the eggs?" on Razorgore.

Anyways, as I said earlier, we finally seem to have phase 1 under control (though watching the first add get pulled down with 6% health and a full stack of dots because people can't stop dps always makes me freak out a bit), so we were working on phase 2. Discovering that the channel on diminsh power could be interrupted was a huge thing, it took us from not being able to kill a single crusher tentacle to actually being able to keep up with them for a bit. But the really fun part was how almost every single brain phase, half the melee came running out at us, swinging for the fences. "You have one minute, don't get greedy," apparently translates into, "OMG, if I beat on the brain some more, I can be teh winnar of teh meterz!" The damage you lose by not taking those extra 2 seconds of dps time so that you can make sure you get out of the brain are nothing compared to the wipe you cause by getting MC'd and not only losing all the damage you would have done for the rest of the fight, but also forcing the rest of the raid to divert damage for killing you. It's not worth it, really.

Oh, also, if you get DC'd during Yogg, apparently you log back in with zero sanity. True story.

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