Tuesday, September 8, 2009

They're coming out of the walls!

So, I made my first Yogg attempts this past week (yeah, yeah, I'm a noob who has to l2play because I haven't been farming ulduar hard modes for the past three months). We barely made it through phase 1 a few times, but we tended to have something like four adds up at the transition, and then went spiraling out of control into wipe as the tentacles spawned and cut our damage by 20%, then 40%, etc, and the remaining adds ran loose killing dps. We ran into a few hitches:

The dps was getting guardians down to 20% faster than the relay tanks could get them over to Sara, resulting in a nearly dead guardian slowly being knocked down by cleaves and consecrates until it finally explodes in the melee, killing half the raid.

Half the time the first guardian didn't explode with Sara, because people can't freaking slow dps at 40%, and then it'd have a billion dots on it while the tank tried to drag it over to Sara, having to dodge clouds along the way, so that the damn thing died before getting in range of Sara.

A particular problem for our raid comp that night, we were extremely melee heavy, so trying to do something like pull off the remaining adds and AoE them once we got Sara down wasn't really an option. Speaking of which, why the hell are people AoEing them while standing in with them? Don't freaking AoE exploding mobs while in melee range!

Probably the main solution to this is to use more plate DPS as runners, since the mobs really don't hit that hard. A few extra reliable people to taunt the nearly dead add, pull him out of the group, and take him over to Sara, dodging the clouds. And maybe spawning another couple mobs on purpose at the beginning.

Overall, this looks like a really cool fight, I look forward to actually beating it and seeing the full effect.


  1. 1) Make every do that one room in scholo with the exploding ghouls so they understand the concept of "exploding hurts."
    2) Play the Onyxia kill animation, specifically the part with "more dots more dots more dots, okay stop dots."

  2. 1) You'd really think that the exploding in Yogg's room would have taught them that lesson.
    2) Many whelps, handle it!